National Survey of Student Engagement

February 9 to March 31, 2017

UBC’s Okanagan campus is participating in an important survey:

This survey relates to experiences of undergraduate students. Results will be used to shape improvements to educational programming and activities for you and future students.

Results from prior surveys that UBC Okanagan has participated in are available online.

Quick Survey Details

  • The NSSE is targeted specifically to undergraduate students
  • Survey is conducted online
  • Undergraduate students will receive an invitation via email in early February with a survey link and login instructions
  • Survey takes about 20 about minutes to complete
  • Survey participants qualify for prizes

Frequently Asked Questions

NSSE: The National Survey of Student Engagement

  • The NSSE assesses first- and fourth-year student participation and engagement in educationally effective activities.
  • Over 1,500 North American universities and colleges, and two million students have participated in the NSSE since its first administration in 2000.
  • This is the fifth year of participation for UBC’s Okanagan campus (past surveys were conducted in 2006, 2008, 2011 and 2014).

Your participation in the NSSE or CUSC survey will help define and enhance the student experience on our campus.

Your survey responses will shape and advance future educational programming and activities at UBC’s Okanagan campus, affect and improve the undergraduate experience, and leave a lasting mark on this campus, by outlining:

  • Progress we’ve made to date on improving student satisfaction
  • Areas that you feel are working well (to confirm where investments of resources are worthwhile)
  • Areas that you feel could be improved (to shape plans for measurable improvements)

UBC is committed to using NSSE findings to create an environment of excellence for undergraduate learning and personal development. Results will be used by faculty, staff, and others to improve the undergraduate experience.

Feedback from previous student surveys has resulted in numerous improvements to the student experience at UBC's Okanagan campus:

  • Enhanced First-Year Advising Program
  • First-Year Experience Program Peer Mentors
  • Collegia space for commuter students
  • Increased meeting and study space
  • Supplemental Learning Program
  • Enhanced support for mental health and wellness
  • Senior Student Lifeline program
  • Stronger student leadership programs
  • Get Involved program
  • Club development support through Campus Life

Your survey participation will qualify you to win one of ten $50 Visa gift cards.

Winners will be randomly selected without breaching the confidentiality of the student responses and will be notified by email.

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The National Survey of Student Engagement

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