Why Science?

Choose from more than 17 majors in Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree programs at UBC’s Okanagan campus.

Chemistry professor Fred Menard and student Luke Moisey.

Science is the foundation of development in areas like technology, medicine and agriculture that keep our world moving forward. Pursuing a science degree will give you the technical, analytical and critical thinking skills to be among tomorrow’s innovators.


Tailor your Bachelor of Science degree with subjects you’re passionate about:

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (major only)

Biology (major, minor)

Chemistry (major, minor)

Computer Science (major, minor)

Data Science (major, minor)

Earth and Environmental Sciences (major, minor)

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (major only)

Economics (major only)

Environmental Chemistry (major only)

Freshwater Science (major only)

General Science (2-3 areas of concentration)

Geospatial Information Science (minor only)

Mathematics (major, minor)

Mathematical Sciences (major only)

Microbiology (major only)

Physics (major, minor)

Psychology (major, minor)

Statistics (major, minor)

Zoology (major only)

What’s a major? A group of courses or a field of study you specialize in during your degree.
What’s a minor? A secondary concentration of courses that often complements your major.


Other Areas of Study—Complement your degree with courses in these new areas:

Food Systems


Lael Parrott, Earth and Environmental Sciences professor.

Top Professors

More than 80 experts teach courses in the Sciences. Students have extraordinary access to their professors, who are connected across the globe.

  • Examine multiple fields—geography, ecology, engineering, biology and economics—with conservation and ecology specialists such Lael Parrott, a professor in Earth and Environmental Sciences.
  • Get your hands dirty in Biology. A fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, Professor John Klironomos digs teaching students about plant and soil microbial environments.
  • Explore the psychology behind the justice system with professors such as Zach Walsh. Exclusive to UBC Okanagan, we offer Canada’s only undergraduate concentration in Forensic Psychology.

Geography student Taylor Clark.

Learn Beyond the Classroom

Gain valuable experience. Study abroad or work in the community with fellow students.

  • Live out your passion at UBC Okanagan. Born out of his love of skiing, Geography student Taylor Clark now studies forces such as avalanches that shape our physical landscape.
  • Expand your classroom borders. Zoology student Alea Stockton does fieldwork at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre on Vancouver Island. She’s also won a national championship for UBC Okanagan Heat’s cross-country team.
  • Fulfil academic and career aspirations at the same time. Physics student Matthew Basso aspires to teaching and research, so he helps others in academic supports such as the Math and Science Centre.

Grad student Nishat Tasnim earned her BSc in 2015.

Undergraduate Research in the sciences

Follow your ideas and get a head start on your career with research.

  • Biology student Nishat Tasnim is a fixture in the Microbiome and Inflammatory Disease lab. The Bangladeshi dynamo—named UBC Okanagan’s 2015 Undergraduate Co-Researcher of the Year—became the first in her family to hold a university degree.
  • Go on fieldtrips, develop friendships, and learn from grad students. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology student Taylor Weixl did all that studying methods used to classify organisms—and she won an Irving K. Barber School Undergraduate Research Award.
  • Pursue innovative undergraduate research, and compete for financial cash awards. Open to all Sciences students at UBC Okanagan, awards include: Irving K. Barber School Undergraduate Research Awards (up to $6,500 plus $1,500 for expenses); NSERC Undergraduate Research Awards (more than $4,500); and the Pushor Mitchell Gold Medal Leadership Prize ($10,000).

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Professor Zach Walsh researches forensic psychology.