Changes to Course Withdrawal Deadline

Thinking of dropping a course? Now, you have more time to decide.

Choosing to drop a course is not an easy decision. Starting this year, students have more time to withdraw from academic courses at UBC’s Okanagan campus.

What’s changed?

The deadline to withdraw from a course and receive a standing of W has been extended to 6 weeks after the start of Term for single-term courses.

How does dropping a course affect me academically and financially?

To understand any implications that may arise from withdrawing from a course, we recommend speaking with an Academic Advisor before changing your course load.

Does this mean I can take longer to pay tuition?

No. The refund of tuition fees schedule is not impacted by this change.

Why is the withdrawal date I see in the SSC different than the one listed in the Academic Calendar?

Due to a technical issue, the SSC may temporarily reflect an incorrect withdrawal date. This issue will be corrected before Term 2. The authoritative source for all academic dates and deadlines is the Academic Calendar, which has been updated with the correct dates: Course drop/withdrawal dates page.

Do these changes affect courses at the Vancouver campus too?

No. Only courses offered on the Okanagan campus are impacted by this change. If you are taking a Vancouver-based course, your withdrawal dates will be different and you should refer to the Vancouver campus Academic Calendar.

If you are taking a cross campus course in Vancouver, your withdrawal dates will be different and you should refer to the Vancouver Academic Calendar.