Resumption Planning

COVID-19 Safety Planning Framework

UBC continues to operate with consideration to the COVID-19 Return-to-Campus Guidelines for B.C.’s Post-Secondary Sector (updated March 22, 2022).

Okanagan Resumption Planning and Coordination Committee

Planning for a safe return to the Okanagan campus is overseen by the UBCO Resumption Planning and Coordination Committee. The committee provides advice and recommendations on resumption related to UBCO governance, process, and coordination; guidelines, standards, and communications; resumption applications; health and safety; campus to campus alignment and efficiencies.


  • Mike Burgess – Associate Provost (co-chair)
  • Shelley Kayfish – Director, Campus Operations and Risk Management (co-chair)


  • Heather Berringer – Chief Librarian & Associate Provost, Learning Services
  • Sarah Brears – Regional Associate Dean, Interior, SMP (Faculty rep)
  • Kristin Cacchioni – Interim Executive Director, Human Resources
  • Paul van Donkelaar – Associate Vice Principal, Research
  • Shannon Dunn – Director, Business Operations
  • Jason Evans – Executive General Manager, Students’ Union
  • Jay Graham – Associate Director, Enrolment Services
  • Manon Harvey – Director, Integrated Planning and Chief Budget Officer
  • Anthony Knezevic – Associate Director, IT Service Delivery
  • Michelle Lowton – Director, Student Development and Advising
  • Nathan Skolski – Associate Director, Public Affairs, University Relations
  • Leanne Takenaka – Associate Director, Communications and Marketing, University Relations
  • Todd Zimmerman – Associate Director, IT Engagement Services

Signage & Facility Needs


The following signs have been developed in alignment with the UBC Safety Planning Framework and are available for you to download and print.

For questions about signage usage or if you have additional signage needs, please contact

Facility Needs

You can request the following resources through the Facilities Management Work Order System. Please include a copy of your approval letter in every request.

Refill of Resources: with increases in cleaning, handwashing and hand rubbing, you may notice paper towels, soap and other resources running out faster. You can request refills through the Facilities Management Work Order System.