Resumption Planning

COVID-19 Safety Planning Framework

As we prepare for fall 2021, a COVID-19 UBC Safety Planning Framework has been developed to align with the new COVID-19 Return-to-Campus Guidelines for B.C.’s Post-Secondary Sector (updated Sept. 3, 2021) and BC’s Restart plan.

As part of the framework, in step three the unique parent plans and faculty and department-level safety plans are replaced with plans that cover standardized areas; for example, learning spaces, offices/administrative areas, workshops and research laboratories, field activities, common areas and public realm and housing and residences.

Public Health Advice

  • Masks required in indoor, common spaces
  • Physical Distancing
  • Daily self‐assessment

Covid-19 Safety Plans

  • Continue to use existing, approved COVID‐19 Safety Plans
  • Work groups entering the workplace for the first time can consult SRS/HSE for assistance

Public Health Advice

  • Masks required in all indoor public areas. See Health & Safety for details.
  • Transition to full occupancy
  • Careful social contact
  • Daily self-assessment
  • All organized gatherings will need to meet the requirements of the PHO at the time of the event

Covid-19 Safety Plans

In consultation with Public Health, UBC is streamlining the safety planning process to align with the BC Restart Plan and what has been learned about COVID-19 over the past year.

The seven new COVID-19 Safety Plans do not require customization, just implementation, and are applicable UBC-wide. They are based on your work activities, so simply choose the plan(s) that suits your work situation.

For example, if your work activity includes a laboratory, office, and common spaces, you will need to reference three applicable COVID-19 Safety Plans. Unlike the previous COVID-19 Safety Plan, the new plans do not need to be submitted or approved.

The following University‐wide safety plans are in effect:

Note: Plans updated Sept. 20, 2021.

Common Areas and Public Realm
  • Buildings can be opened during business hours, where no security risk exists
  • Washrooms and elevators return to normal occupancy
  • More seating available
Field Trip and Field Research Activities
  • University-wide COVID-19 Safety plan attached to Field Safety Plan
  • Follow mask directives based on destination
  • Follow public health advice for carpooling or transit
Housing/Student Residences
  • Guests/indoor visitors allowed as prescribed by PHO
  • Leisure spaces return to capacity
  • Careful social contact
Learning Spaces
  • Course delivery predominantly online
  • On-campus learning in place with approved COVID-19 safety plans
  • Those who support teaching & learning continue transition back to campus
Offices/Administrative Areas
  • Continued return to the workplace
  • Seminars and bigger meetings allowed
Study Spaces
  • Careful social contact
  • Campus spaces opening as required
Workshops and Research Laboratories
  • Continued return to the workplace
  • Seminars and bigger meetings allowed


Use this guide as you prepare to increase occupancy within your workspace – Guidelines for Preparing for Re-occupancy

Events and Gatherings

In addition to the UBC requirements outlined in the Campus Rules, events on campus must follow the UBC directive. The directive will be updated in alignment with the phases of the B.C. Restart Plan.

  • All organized gatherings will need to meet the requirements of the relevant Provincial Health Orders that are current at the time of the event.
  • For clarity, the COVID-19 Return-to-Campus Guidelines for B.C.’s Post-Secondary Sector state that restrictions on gatherings do not apply to educational activities at post-secondary institutions. If unsure as to whether your activity applies, contact
  • Before planning an event, visit Booking and Events  for information on the booking process, event considerations and a list of approved events.

If you have an event (indoor or outdoor) planned with in-person component, and have any questions or are unsure of associated processes, please contact

Public Sector Guidelines

In addition to the UBC requirements outlined in the Campus Rules, if your work area relies on additional sector-specific guidance to operate safely please ensure:

  • Supervisors and Managers have access to current, up to date requirements:
  • Clinical Faculties should look to the British Columbia Colleges for their relevant sectors to ensure advice aligns (i.e. College of Physicians & Surgeons of BC, College of Pharmacists of BC, College of Dental Surgeons, etc.).
  • Employees have been communicated any changes to Provincial Orders or advice
  • Safe work procedures still being used have been updated and communicated to reflect current best practices and controls
  • Changes to, or new safe work procedures have been sent to the relevant Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee for their review
  • Visitors or guests understand expectations before arriving at the workplace


  • Wearing a mask indoors is a personal choice
  • Campus returns to full occupancy
  • Normal social contact
  • Daily self-assessment
  • All organized gatherings will need to meet the requirements of the PHO at the time of the event

Check back for more details.

Okanagan Resumption Planning and Coordination Committee

Planning for a safe return to the Okanagan campus is overseen by the UBCO Resumption Planning and Coordination Committee. The committee provides advice and recommendations on resumption related to UBCO governance, process, and coordination; guidelines, standards, and communications; resumption applications; health and safety; campus to campus alignment and efficiencies.


  • Mike Burgess – Associate Provost (co-chair)
  • Shelley Kayfish – Director, Campus Operations and Risk Management (co-chair)


  • Heather Berringer – Chief Librarian & Associate Provost, Learning Services
  • Lukas Bichler – Associate Director, Research & Industrial Partnerships, School of Engineering
  • Gord Binsted – Dean, FHSD (Faculty rep)
  • Kristin Cacchioni – Interim Executive Director, Human Resources
  • Paul van Donkelaar – Associate Vice Principal, Research
  • Shannon Dunn – Director, Business Operations
  • Manon Harvey – Director, Integrated Planning and Chief Budget Officer
  • Anthony Knezevic – Associate Director, IT Service Delivery
  • Michelle Lowton – Director, Student Development and Advising
  • Lori Stevenson – General Manager, Students’ Union
  • Leanne Takenaka – Associate Director, Communications and Marketing, University Relations
  • Fred Vogt – Deputy Registrar
  • Todd Zimmerman – Associate Director, IT Engagement Services

Signage & Facility Needs


The following signs have been developed in alignment with the UBC Safety Planning Framework and are available for you to download and print.

Refreshed indoor and outdoor signs will be installed in public spaces on campus prior to the start of the 2021-22 Winter Term.

For questions about signage usage or if you have additional signage needs, please contact


Facility Needs

You can request the following resources through the Facilities Management Work Order System. Please include a copy of your approval letter in every request.

Cleaning Kits: cleaning kits containing COVID effective cleaners, disposable paper towels and gloves are available.

Refill of Resources: with increases in cleaning, handwashing and hand rubbing, you may notice paper towels, soap and other resources running out faster. You can request refills through the Facilities Management Work Order System.