Chasing the Whale

Students dive into first-ever literature course at BC’s Bamfield marine station.

A Place You Can Go

The Small Steps for Big Changes program helps prevent Type 2 diabetes.

Counting Sheep

UBCO students examine bighorn sheep populations in the Okanagan.

Learning Without Borders

Teacher candidates trek the world to explore learning in new contexts.

Deer Data

Researchers probe environmental impacts on BC’s mule deer population.

Landscape view of researchers walking across a rocky plane in Nunavut.

Arctic Insights

Inuit knowledge helps inform northern environmental impact assessments.

Olympic Heart

Ski cross champion Kelsey Serwa races towards a physiotherapy career.

Students ascending King's Throne in Yukon

Connecting in the Yukon

UBC students trek the Yukon to examine human-environment interactions.

Willa and friends at the summit of Mount Meru

Creativity in Tanzania

UBC students explore how creative productions can inspire social change.

Man on mountain with Nepali prayer flags

Research at 26,000 Feet

Kyle Larson has explored the Himalaya 12 times in the name of scholarship.

Jim Huang

Stethoscope Quarterback

One of the first grads from UBC’s SMP, Dr. Jim Huang is now a man for all diseases.

Freya Green sitting with four therapy dogs

Keep Calm and B.A.R.K. On

Trained therapy dogs are helping students reduce stress and battle homesickness.

Mount Christie wildfire

Living with Wildfire

UBCO researchers are working to understand our relationship with fire.

students standing in front of a bright fish mural

Art in the Streets

UBCO students transform empty building facades into welcoming canvases.

A group of people walking on the foreground, as the Sierra Nevadas loom in the distance

Research with Altitude

UBCO researchers are going to great heights to understand high altitude.

The CHIME telescope set against the backdrop of the Milky Way

Mapping the Milky Way

Dr. Alex Hill and his students are exploring the ‘stuff we’re made of’ between our stars.

A teacher standing in front of students with STEM supplies in the foreground

Planting Seeds of Science

UBCO’s Community Field Experience is helping students discover the fun of science.