Okanagan Stories

Learn how students, faculty, alumni and partners are turning vision, cooperation and courage into meaningful results.


Focused on finding tomorrow’s solutions.

Printing Parts

Innovations in tissue engineering create 3-D printed options for skin, organs, joints and ligaments.

Closing the Distance

Telemedicine provides a valuable connection between surgeons and patients in remote communities.

Maximizing Potential

A student entrepreneur develops the first wireless oxygen-sensing device for endurance athletes.


Media Matters | Just Breathe | O Cannabis


Opening doors for those who believe we’re stronger together.

Acts of Kindness

Students lend a hand to local non-profits and find satisfaction through UBC’s Community Service Learning program.

Indigenous Voices

Profs and students work to save endangered languages, interpret oral histories and empower communities.

Hive of Activity

UBC eco-art initiatives engage communities to transform and preserve natural environments.


Cultivating new ways of working together.

Textile Tech

Partnership creates and tests new textile technologies and body armour solutions for the Canadian Armed Forces.

Being Human

Profs and students dive deep into the literature, art, music, history and philosophy that defines humanity.

Aging Well

Researchers and wine industry leaders grow partnerships to build economic and environmental resilience.


Finding Home | Mission Possible | Diamond in the Rough



Building strength and confidence to unleash your potential.

Launch Pad

Co-op program gives students a competitive edge and real-life work experience.

Touchscreen Temptation

A UBC marketing prof involves tech-savvy undergraduate students to extend research on touchscreen projects.

Unleashed Potential

Dogs to the rescue! A therapy program explores how canines can reduce stress and increase well-being.


Custom Care | Game Changers | Building Tradition



Opening a world of opportunity from here.

Into Africa

Nursing students examine health inequities in Ghana and Zambia through a life-changing global health program.

Brave New Worlds

Curiosity about Earth environments and global research expeditions land a UBC geoscientist in Martian territory.

One Water

Engineers uncover new ways to manage finite water resources, locally and internationally.