Okanagan Stories

Learn how students, faculty, alumni and partners are turning vision, cooperation and courage into meaningful results.

This video was produced prior to COVID-19 physical distancing requirements.

UBC’s Okanagan campus is situated in the unceded territory of the Syilx Okanagan Nation. The nsyilxcən name for where the campus is located is kłpəpqłpiwaʔs. 

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Focused on finding tomorrow’s solutions.

Textile Tech

Partnership creates and tests new textile technologies and body armour solutions for the Canadian Armed Forces.

Printing Parts

Innovations in tissue engineering create 3-D printed options for skin, organs, joints and ligaments.

Closing the Distance

Telemedicine provides a valuable connection between surgeons and patients in remote communities.


Opening doors for those who believe we’re stronger together.

Myron Campbell designing on a laptop
Art Influences

How UBC Okanagan fine arts alumni are shaping the community with their unique artistic perspectives.

Man using grinder tool at The Men's Shed
Successful Aging

Researchers explore how to help Canada’s growing older population age successfully from head to toe.

Indigenous Voices

Profs and students work to save endangered languages, interpret oral histories and empower communities.


Cultivating new ways of working together.

Adam Ford and student setting up tracking deviceCoexisting With Wolves

UBC joins with Parks Canada and other collaborators to see how humans and wolves can coexist in British Columbia.

Inspecting a high-tech cart for the homeless
Finding Home

Researchers collaborate with an ever-increasing network to combat homelessness.

Aging Well

Researchers and wine industry leaders grow partnerships to build economic and environmental resilience.


Mission Possible | Diamond in the Rough | Being Human



Building strength and confidence to unleash your potential.

Four women sitting amongst feminist posters and books
Furthering Feminism

How the women of UBCO are challenging stereotypes, shifting power paradigms and working towards equality.

Close-up of PhD hat
A Graduate’s Path

World-class programs offered in a supportive community make graduate studies at UBCO unique.

Man looking at interior of helicopter
Empowering Entrepreneurs

For risk-takers and problem-solvers, e@UBCO helps transform theory into real-world application.


Opening a world of opportunity from here.

Men on ground surrounded by soil and tools
Healthy Earth

Soil scientists at UBCO are exploring how to make plants more resilient to environmental change.

Close-up of globe with Jasmin Hristov in backgroundExposing Land Grabs

UBC Professor Jasmin Hristov shines a light on the plight of displaced peoples in Latin America.

Brave New Worlds

Curiosity about Earth environments and global research expeditions land a UBC geoscientist in Martian territory.


Into AfricaOne Water