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Place and Promise: The UBC Strategic Plan

Vision For The Future: The UBC Okanagan Academic Plan

The UBC Okanagan Academic Plan was approved the UBC Okanagan Senate and by the Board of Governors in 2005. The plan sets a number of Imperatives which will define the academic, social, cultural, and research pathways for UBC Okanagan’s Community of Excellence.
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Strategic Research Plan

The future of research at UBC Okanagan lies in the Strategic Research Plan -- a road map of research ambitions collaboratively developed by our researchers, deans, and senior academic leaders.

Focus on People

Our people practices are shaped by more than 15,000 faculty and staff who bring their talent and commitment to excellence to our academic institution. Together, we create a workplace that is dedicated to excellence, equity, and mutual respect. We invite you to explore what makes us one of Canada's top universities and employer.

UBC Annual Report

The UBC Annual Report is one of the ways the university communicates its contributions to B.C., Canada and the world in the past year. You can see it at

The achievements of UBC's exceptional students, faculty, staff and alumni are captured and celebrated in a new online format, one that is enriched with extras that go beyond our previous printed reports and which exemplify our commitment to sustainability.

UBC Viewbook

Considering UBC? Viewbooks are guides to UBC's programs and admission requirements for prospective international and domestic students.

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