Many faculties, departments and units are providing academic, research and administrative services online; others have limited services on campus, typically by appointment.

For complete details, please visit the website of the relevant department or unit, or visit Campus Services to see how services are being delivered.



UBCO Food Services

  • Most food services locations on campus will be re-opening in September. To learn which locations are currently open, visit Food Services.
  • Scholar’s Catering will be available beginning with the fall semester, including remote ordering and delivery across campus.

Student Housing and Self-Isolation

Student Housing has implemented plans to provide the best possible accommodation for our residents given COVID-19 challenges. For details on COVID-19 Residence Rules, move-in fall 2021 and self-isolation accommodations, visit Student Housing (Okanagan).

IT Support

In anticipation of the upcoming return to campus, UBC IT Okanagan has created a Return to Campus webpage to support staff and faculty.

  • To help manage demand, UBCO IT and Research Computing will also be offering online bookings for workstation reconnections starting this summer.
  • Faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to book early, as there will be limited resources available in September. Failing to do so may mean a delay in support and possible disruption to your work activities.

Building Access and Hours

Regular building access resumes September 8, 2021.

Building Access & Hours

Building Readiness

UBCO operations teams are working to ensure buildings are properly cleaned, operating, and maintained to provide a safe environment for students, faculty, and staff.

This fall, UBCO will meet all COVID-19 ventilation standards of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and BCCDC guidelines. Improvement work is already underway, including:

Increased ventilation

  • Additional 2-hour pre- or post-occupancy air flushes will be conducted in UBCO buildings.
  • Air Handling Unit (AHU) schedules will be reviewed to ensure that AHUs are on during periods of high occupancy. Note that AHUs that serve laboratory spaces are designed to use 100 per cent outdoor air and operate 24/7.

Improved air filtration

  • Any filters that do not already meet ASHRAE filtration recommendations will be upgraded to MERV-13 to meet this recommendation. AHU filters are changed based on operating context, inspection results, diagnostic readings, and established maintenance schedules.

Enhanced maintenance and monitoring

  • Facilities Management will conduct physical inspections and adjustments to ensure that outdoor air dampers and HVAC controls are functioning optimally on main AHUs.
  • CO2 levels will be monitored in high-occupancy areas to ensure that systems are operating effectively.

UBCO will increase frequency of cleaning and disinfection in classrooms, washrooms and common areas as per BCCDC guidance and increase the number of self-serve cleaning stations providing sanitizer and cleaning materials on campus.

Refreshed indoor and outdoor signs in alignment with revised safety plans will be produced in summer and installed in public spaces on campus prior to the start of the 2021-22 Winter Term. These signage templates will also be available in summer for individual units to print and install.

For current signage needs, see self-serve signage.

As your faculty or unit prepares to return to campus, your group may require support with activities ranging from updating interior signage to moving furniture and arranging renovations needed to accommodate new hires who joined while working remotely.

To streamline the request process, Facilities Management has enhanced the existing Archibus work order system and created a one-stop shop for such requests in addition to the usual maintenance requests.

Use your CWL to submit a request and learn more about the different types of requests and priority status at Facilities Work Requests.