The official Okanagan campus identification card for UBCO students, faculty and staff.

What’s on the card?

  • Cardholder’s name and colour photo
  • Student classification/staff.
  • Student/staff ID number.

What does the UBCcard do?

The UBCcard provides access to a variety of services on campus.


Access to UBC Library loans and services is automatically built into your card. Your card will be scanned any time your sign out materials in-person. UBC Library loan regulations apply to card use. You can also use your card to book study rooms, sign-out laptops and tablets, or even borrow a lawn chair to study in the Courtyard during the summer.

Meal Plan
If you have purchased a meal plan, your UBCcard acts as your meal plan card.
It works like a debit card—purchases are deducted from you balance every time your card is swiped at a camps dining spot.

Health Services
You will be asked to present your UBCcard when visiting the Health Clinic on campus or accessing other health and support services at UBCO.

Transit (U-Pass)
The Universal Bus Pass (U-PASS) provides all UBC Okanagan students with affordable access to BC Transit in Kelowna and the surrounding area. The U-PASS is automatically assessed in your student fees for the Fall and Winter semesters. You can obtain a U-Pass sticker for your UBCcard by visiting the Student Union Office (UNC133).

Note: Your UBCcard is not required for copying and printing at campus computer and libraries. UBCO has a Pay for Print system allowing students to pay for printing directly at campus workstations. A shortcut for the Pay for Print page is on the desktop of every UBC Okanagan campus computer.

Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff need to take their UBCcard to the Library in-person to activate library loan services. UBC Library loan regulations apply to card use.

Copying & Printing
Your UBCcard is used to print, copy or scan on printers that are still equipped with ‘UBCcard-swipe’ technology.

Note: Most printers on campus have been converted and require faculty and staff to wave their Salto/key card over a sensor.

How & where to get your UBCcard?

Note: Activation is not immediate for all services—it may take 24 hours for your card to work at the library or other locations.

  • Visit the Student Services desk in-person (2nd floor, University Centre) during open hours.
  • You will be asked to provide your UBC student number and one piece of government-issued photo identification (e.g. driver’s license, provincial/state identification, or passport).
  • Your photo will be taken and your card will be issued while you wait. Hats and/or sunglasses must be removed for the photo.
  • Distance Education & Technology Students: Request your card by completing the online UBCcard Application Form. Your application is processed through the UBC Vancouver carding office.

Note: JVs are no longer required for faculty and staff cards.

Individual faculty or staff cards:

In order to obtain a card, two items are required:

Group faculty or staff cards:

Student Services will accommodate group UBCcard processing. Please email SIS with the expected date(s) groups will arrive for photos (sis.ubco@ubc.ca) and provide SIS with required items before faculty and staff arrives. In order to obtain cards, two items are required:

Replacing Your UBCcard

Lost or stolen card? Changing your preferred name or student status?

Lost or Stolen Cards

Lost or stolen cards can be replaced in-person at Student Services, located in UNC206.

Preferred Name or Student Status Changes

UBC recognizes that many members of its community use first names other than their legal names originally provided to the University to identify themselves.

To update your UBCcard with your preferred name, see Preferred Name Change.

Replacement cards will be issued at no charge if your student status (e.g., undergraduate to graduate) or name changes.

Renewing Your ID

  • Students: Your UBCcard is valid for the duration of your program. You will need to renew your UBCcard if you extend the duration of your program or change program levels (e.g. move from an undergraduate to graduate program). Visit Student Services desk in person for help.
  • Staff & Faculty: Your UBCcard is valid for the duration of your employment. You will need to renew your UBCcard if your term or employment is extended or changed. Visit Student Services desk in person with a completed UBCcard Faculty and Staff Department Confirmation Letter for help.

Contact Us

Card Services – Student Services
University Centre, Room 206Z
UBC Okanagan
3333 University Way
Kelowna, BC V1V 1V7
E-mail: cardservices.okanagan@ubc.ca

General Terms and Conditions

The UBCcard is the property of UBC Okanagan and is not transferable. If the UBCcard is altered, duplicated, or used by anyone other than the cardholder, it may be confiscated by the University.

The UBCcard use is governed by the UBCcard Cardholder Agreement. Before using your card, read UBCcard Policies for its terms and conditions.

If you have any questions about this agreement, e-mail your questions to cardservices.okanagan@ubc.ca. Cardholder Agreement terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.


Your personal information is secure. Personal information used for UBCcard production is confidential and abides by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The Act may be accessed in the Government Publications section of the UBC Okanagan Library.

Outside parties can obtain cardholder information only under these exceptional circumstances: written consent from the cardholder; a court order; or demanded by a government agency.

Cardholders should take measures to ensure that others cannot access personal information appearing on their UBCcard.


You may pick up your UBCcard when you have your photo taken. Please bring your student identification number and a valid piece of government-issued photo identification to Student Services in UNC 206 to have your photo taken and your UBCcard issued.

To be eligible for an Okanagan UBCcard, you must be registered in UBCO courses and pay fees to the UBCOSUO.

All Distance Education & Technology students apply for the UBCcard by completing the UBCcard Application Form online. Your application is administered by the Vancouver Carding office.

Initial UBCcards and replacement cards due to a student status change (i.e. name change, undergraduate to graduate status) are issued at no cost. All other replacement cards cost $25.00 (fee subject to change without notice).

Students will receive their card within a few minutes of having their photo taken.

Free retakes are available if the individual’s eyes are closed or the card has expired. Otherwise, replacement cards cost $25.00 (fee subject to change without notice).

Your multipurpose UBCcard identifies you as a registered UBC Okanagan student, granting you access to UBC Library services and meal accounts and access to add cash for university services such as photocopying, and pay for print.

Yes. The UBCcard is required for identification on campus. It is also required when entering specified campus buildings, for Library loans, for booking study rooms and classrooms, for obtaining transcripts, and for University examinations.

Lost or stolen cards may be replaced for $25.00 (fee subject to change without notice). Visit Student Services in UNC 206 to request a new card.

Replacement cards will be issued at no charge if your student status (e.g., Undergraduate to Graduate) or name changes. Name changes must be updated in your student record with Enrolment Services prior to obtaining a new UBCcard. Visit Student Services in UNC 206 to update your name and receive a new card.