Low-carbon approach

UBCO Downtown design standards adhere to the same strict low-carbon and sustainable standards that are already in place on campus, including alignment with UBC’s institutional Green Building Action Plan. Campus Planning, our sustainability team and UBC Properties Trust are intentionally deploying best practices in environmental construction and sustainability.

For example, during parkade construction, extracted fill was transported and deposited to UBC Okanagan’s main campus, providing necessary and high-quality material for slope stabilization in the area’s future utilization—all while minimizing waste generation and saving on future trucking emissions.

Bike and green transportation, parking

While necessary parking will be provided for those who rely on vehicles, the plans for UBCO Downtown encourage sustainable modes of transportation—walking, biking and public transit—to the site.

The sustainable flow of people between UBCO Downtown and the Okanagan campus is also paramount. UBCO Downtown’s proximity to cycling lanes, including the Okanagan Rail Trail, will allow a safe and sustainable journey. Access to direct mass transit routes will further encourage sustainable transportation choices.