Academics and Learning

UBCO Downtown classroom concept

What programs will be at UBCO Downtown?

While full tenancy details are still being determined, students and researchers in health-related programs—particularly nursing and social work in the Faculty of Health and Social Development—are expected to make UBCO Downtown a premier location for vital health programs.

The building design includes 110,000 square feet of UBC space over eight floors to support academic and research activities.

Creating a health hub

UBCO Downtown will serve as a site for training the next generation of community engaged health professionals. It will act as a living laboratory for student experiential learning, making learning relatable to lived experience, while making the lives of Canadians better—starting with Kelowna.

This expansion will create a cutting-edge hub for education, research and training, addressing the increasing demand for health-care professionals in the local and provincial communities involving up to 1,000 students from various disciplines.

From seeking new solutions to homelessness, designing new interventions to prevent and treat diabetes, to supporting people and their families at the end of life, researchers and their trainees will be embedded within our community to answer the health challenges important to British Columbia and Canada.

Showcasing UBCO fine arts

An art gallery and creative innovation space are anticipated, providing a platform to bring together practising community artists and UBCO creatives. The gallery is envisioned to support new research forms in design and art with embedded entrepreneurial approaches.

Adult learning programs

UBC Okanagan will also explore opportunities to maximize the use of academic and non-academic spaces, with an eye to professional, adult learning programs that foster global citizenship and advance a sustainable and just society.

Public engagement suite

The downtown facility will include dedicated spaces for community engagement and collaboration among UBCO tenants and our neighbours in the local business and non-profit sector.