Web Data Collector

The Web Data Collector is a tool that enables the collection of academic course scheduling information from Faculties to Enrolment Services for the creation of the winter and summer academic schedules. 

Launching Web Data Collector

To log-in:

  1. Enter: CWL Username and Password
  2. Click: Log in

WDC supports:

  • Collection of faculty unavailability
  • Confirming courses to be offered
  • Adding, deleting and editing course sections
  • Providing section details which includes, number of repeats, duration, term, teaching instructor, released seats, cross-listed courses, sequencing, location requirements

Reference Materials

Need help?

  • Need access to WDC?
  • Can’t find a course in WDC?
  • Can’t find an instructor in WDC?
  • Need refresher training in WDC?

Contact the scheduling team at academic.scheduling@ubc.ca