SIS Training and Resources (Legacy)

The Student Information System (SIS) is an interface used by faculty and staff who perform student-related administrative and advising roles on campus.

How to access the SISC or FSC

  1. Ensure you have a Campus Wide Login (CWL).
  1. Once you have your CWL, request access using the form that applies to you.
  1. After you have received an email confirming your access, go to the relevant launch page.

special agreement/application, created by University Counsel, is required for non-UBC employees requesting access in addition to the SIS access forms. Managers create a guest CWL for non-UBC employees.

Student Information Service Centre (SISC)

Administrators use the Student Information Service Centre (SISC) to perform advising and administrative functions related to students. The SISC contains records related to student academic standing, awards, admissions, course information, and communications.

Faculty Service Centre (FSC)

Instructors and administrators use the FSC to access class lists, enter grades and send emails to students in specified courses.

Scheduling and Curriculum Management Centre (SCMC)

Administrators use this for course scheduling, and curriculum management.

SIS Updates Blog

Visit SIS Updates for details about changes to the SISC, FSC and SSC, including service interruptions, access, contacts, and user tips.

SIS Security

Everyone who accesses the SIS must comply with FIPPA and UBC Policies. The sharing of access is prohibited and managers must inform SIS Security when access is no longer required. For more information, refer to SIS data security.

The exam tab is part of the course section information accessible via the SISC.

  • The department exam contact consolidates department exam information and enters their requests via the exam tab on the Student Information System Centre (SISC). See the Exam Request Tab User Guide for more detail.
  • Use the Exam Tab Request Report to review and verify your exam requests are correct. If an exam request does not appear in the report, an exam will not be scheduled. Please double check that all exam information is correct.

Faculty Service Centre (FSC)

The Faculty Service Centre (FSC) is used by faculty and staff to access class lists and submit grades online.

The FSC is available 7 days a week, except during the following hours (PST):

  • 3:00–3:30 am, Monday to Saturday
  • 1:00–4:00 am, Sunday
  • FSC help

Grade Entry Deadlines

Instructors are encouraged to submit grades a soon as possible after the final exam. Grades are due 7 business days after the final exam date or 5 days following examination dates written on the last 2 days of the examination period.

Students are encouraged to contact their instructor directly if they are missing grades from their record.


This section contains reports, statistics and charts from the Student Information System (SIS). These resources vary from static, previously created reports, to interactive reports allowing the user to select criteria and create a dynamic report from live data.

Due to the nature of some information, different levels of accessibility exist. Some reports are for general public use, while for more sensitive data you will be required to log on for access.

Details of student applications/enrolment, course/program registration and gender distribution are among the data resources available from the left-hand navigation menu. The number and types of reports is expected to grow and become more diverse.

If you require information or have any comments/suggestions related to these reports please contact the Reporting Group – Student Information Systems.