Academic Scheduling Services

Scheduling Principles

In order to create the campus-wide academic timetable for the UBC Okanagan campus that will best accommodate the needs of the faculties, the following principles have been applied:

  • Released early: Personal student timetables are known at least two weeks in advance of class registration.
  • Stable: Minimal post-publication changes and minimal scheduling clashes where students follow standard progression requirements published in the Academic Calendar.
  • Flexible: Students have access to core courses they need to progress through their degree and a reasonable set of electives.

2024 Winter Session Timetable Timelines

  • Annual scheduling meetings (what’s changing, what’s staying the same)
  • Annual Pathways and Student Sets meetings (courses that can’t conflict)
  • Instructor WRAP accommodation and unavailability confirmation
  • Web Data Collector (WDC) scheduling requirement data entry complete and validated
  • Review scheduling requirements entered in Web Data Collector (WDC) for accuracy and completeness
  • Sign off on scheduling requirements when scheduling data entry is complete
  • Data validation and feasibility checks
  • Pathways and student set creations in software
  • Campus scheduling rules applied to scheduling requirements
  • Timetable creation
  • Draft timetable review before proceeding to phase 4
  • Review the draft timetable for errors and omissions using the UBCO Online Timetable Web Server and Workday Student
  • Report any errors and omissions identified in the draft timetable using the UBCO Academic Scheduling Change Request Form
  • Review restricted space class placement and prepare for lab placement Sessions in Phase 6
  • Collect course section information in preparation for Workday Student real time training
  • Scheduling/registration reports
  • Draft timetable export and review
  • Course section setup (SISC section controls) e.g. reserved capacity, waitlist management, public notes, private notes, mode of delivery
  • Submit academic scheduling change requests using the UBCO Academic Scheduling Change Request form
  • Work with Scheduling Services team to adjust and place outstanding unscheduled classes in restricted space
  • Update section delivery mode
  • Complete course section setup

Course scheduling

Scheduling Services supports the creation of an equitable, single timetable for the entire campus.

Exam scheduling

Scheduling Services supports and facilitates the creation of the final exam schedules.