ES Training Hub

The Enrolment Services Training Hub serves as a central staff and faculty resource for all internal business processes relating to admissions, academic scheduling services, awards, curriculum management, convocation, learner management and recruitment.

NOTE: Content for Workday Student is currently in development.

Required Instructional Formats (Workday Student)

A course must have at least one required instructional format that defines the delivery format and activities of a course.

Special Topic Variable Credit (Workday Student)

Special topic and variable credit courses are different versions of a pre-existing senate-approved course, whose versions are represented by their detail codes: suffixed letters A-Z after a course number.

Designate Instructor Eligibility (Workday Student)

Department administrators can specify course subject(s) to be assigned to teaching faculty/staff and non-teaching instructors & TAs with Designate Instructor Eligibility task.

Course Section Setup (Workday Student)

Department Administrators can review the draft timetable, and complete course section setup in preparation for student registration using Workday Student scheduling related reports.

Web Data Collector

The Web Data Collector is a tool that enables the collection of academic course scheduling information from Faculties to Enrolment Services for the creation of the winter and summer academic schedules.

SISC Training Resources (Legacy)

The Student Information System (SIS) is an interface used by faculty and staff who perform student-related administrative and advising roles on campus.