Required Instructional Formats


Required Instructional Format

Required instructional formats define the delivery format and activities of a course (e.g. lecture with a lab and seminar, or lecture only etc.). A course must have at least one required instructional format listed to be scheduled. A course must also identify which format will enter final grades (graded instructional format).

Graded Instructional Format

The graded instructional format is where you will enter students’ final grades. Graded formats must be the same for all scheduled offerings of the same course.

Institutional Definition

As per the Senate Curriculum Committee, instructional formats, at an institutional level, will not be defined. Faculties are advised to use their own discretion when selecting which instructional format(s) to put on a course, and that would be based on how they understand or have defined those instructional formats within their faculty.

Required Instructional Format Changes

Changes to required instructional formats may occur annually between October and December, with a final request deadline of mid-December for the following academic year. Requests may be made using the UBCO Scheduling Change Request Form.

To view and validate your department’s required instructional formats in Workday Student, refer to the Course Attributes – Central Report how-to.

Req. Instructional Formats (Activity Types)

Workday Student  Previous (SISC Activity Type)
CLN (Clinical) N/A
DIS (Discussion) TUT (Tutorial)
INT (Internship) N/A
EXP (Experiential) EXC (Exchange)
FTP (Field Trip)
PRC (Practicum)
W/P (Work Placement)
IND (Independent Study) DST (Directed Study)
PRJ (Project)
E/R (Essay/Report)
DEC/GIS (Distance Ed)
LAB (Laboratory) LAB (Laboratory)
LEC (Lecture) LEC (Lecture)
REC (Recitation) N/A
RSH (Research) RSH (Research)
SEM (Seminar) SEM (Seminar)
SLR (Service Learning) N/A
STD (Studio) STD (Studio)
THS (Thesis) THS (Thesis)
WRK (Workshop) WRK (Workshop)